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  Although no one at “the Coyote” ever ages, there comes a time when we decide that we have made so many people so happy with our work that it is overwhelming and we can no longer keep our happiness inside.

So the time has come for Paula to burst with her pent up happiness and spread it outside in another direction. She has wandered from “the Coyote” den and is pursuing other interests. Enjoying a slower paced lifestyle, enjoying domestic/wildlife critters, tending her cactus and flowers and continuing her ever amazing art work. (and I’m sure doing some lounging around doing absolutely nothing.)

We, your co workers and your faithful clients deeply thank you for all the years
you have spent with us.
Miss you much.

Good Luck and stay Happy.

Signe and Carmen

2855 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85716

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